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Custom snakeskin without the bite

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Regarding front license plates (check your local laws).
SpeedLingerie offers a system to display the front license plate called a "Removable License Pocket" or RLP.
Click here to see step-by-step RLP pictures.
We build a separate pocket/RLP. It has a clear front, a zipper at the bottom edge and snaps on the back, near the top edge. Your Nose Cover is built with matching zipper and snaps. You slip your license plate into the RLP. You then zip and snap the RLP to the outside of your Nose Cover.

The Benefits to you are:
1. Flexibility - The RLP can be installed or removed depending on your requirements.
2. Protection - Complete coverage (no license plate openings at all) at all times.
3. Preservation - Maintain a smooth look with no holes, no screws, & no brackets mounted directly to your front bumper.
4. Style - Your Nose Cover will also look continuous, without large openings cut into it.

Check for Removable License Plate Pocket (add $40.00)

(add $100.00)



1. FasTrak bracket and QuiKlip fastener system offers simple and secure installation, skin-tight looks and
    movement-free performance.
2. Forty gauge clear plastic protects indicators/fog lamps/emblem, leaving no exposed surfaces.
3. Brake/air intake grills are protected with top grade mesh.
4. Our patent-pending license plate accommodations offer ingenious, attractive solutions for front license
    plate requirements

Hard Top Case

Keep your hard top clean and free from scratches and dents with SpeedLingerie's Hard Top Case. This item is a must for owners with a removable top. The hanger mounts just about anywhere while keeping your top off the floor!






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Viper Mirror Covers
Custom snakeskin without the bite

Excellent side mirror protection
Whether itís direct exposure, front wheel spray or parking lot mishaps, side mirrors can take as many hits as the nose of the car., Inc. offers an excellent solution for side mirror protection.





Brackets (NCV)
In the event that the original Installation Parts for your SpeedLingerie Products are lost, missing, damaged and need to be replaced, you can order them here on-line.

In the event that the original Installation Documents for your SpeedLingerie Products are lost, missing, damaged and need to be replaced, you can down-load a copy from the "Installation Docs" section here on-line.

(New SpeedLingerie Products come complete with Installation Parts. There is no need to order Replacement Installation Parts when placing a new order.)

(4)std snaps

Price: $18





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