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Door Mirror Covers

Door Mirror Covers

  • Premium materials and unique tri-layer construction
  • 100% breathable, will not trap heat or moisture
  • Protects vulnerable side mirror paint surfaces from road wear
  • "Wings" option for C4 Corvette models - extended coverage for factory-original Door Mirror Wind Deflectors


TLF™ System


  • The Outermost Layer is the first line of defense against rocks, gravel, and road debris, and consists of the highest quality, all conditions resistant marine application fully color permeated vinyl.   This choice in material costs a bit more, but with features like UV protection, colorfastness, breathability, and suppleness, SpeedLingerie protection will not fade, mold, crack, or split, as do many competitors’ products.
  • The Middle Layer wicks moisture away from paint surfaces dispersing it through the outer breathable layer.  This eradicates any incidence of “paint boil”, a paint finish damage resulting from entrapped superheated moisture.
  • The Innermost Layer pampers paint surfaces with a cotton chamois felt that is a full 2 ounces heavier than those used in other products.  This layer is unique because it’s an independent layer, not just a flocked backing, and covers all seams.


Choose Manufacture for currently available colors:

BMW Prowler



Colors – Materials match factory color paints for an integrated look.


  • SpeedLingerie products not only offer protection from bugs, debris and dirt, but enhance the look of a vehicle with beautifully matched colors.
  • Our materials are fully color permeated, not surface dyed or painted on, offering UV protection, colorfastness, breathability, and suppleness.
  • We match paint schemes exactly; stripes or spoilers on Grand Sport, Pace Car, Viper and Ferrari products are sewn in color-matched panels. 
  • Our color match makes SpeedLingerie “invisible” at speed and won’t detract from a vehicle’s lines with black “masks”.  We often hear people say “I didn’t even know there was a bra on the car!”

Please inquire about unlisted colors



Fastening Systems

Installation & Fasteners - QuiKlip™ and FasTrak™ Systems for quick, safe and secure application.

  • SpeedLingerie uses NO metal tabs or glue, and requires NO drilling or major modifications for product installation.
  • SpeedLingerie’s proprietary nose cover fastening systems ensure completely enclosed and secure installation, with no slipping, movement, or flapping areas. 
  • QuiKlip™ consists of a smooth channel custom molded to fit the entire front length of Porsche, Prowler, and Ferrari wheel well edges.  This application is simple, secure, scratch-free, and beautifully discreet.
  • FasTrak™ is a vehicle-specific bracket system designed for QuiKlip™ application on Corvette, Ferrari 550M, NSX, and Viper motorcars.   Using existing vehicle hardware, FasTrak™ mounts easily within the wheel well, and requires no drilling or modifications.

Front License Plate Options

Unique Design Solutions for Front License Plate Requirements

SpeedLingerie offers front license plate accommodations for almost every model; please specify if a front license plate is required.  Whether it’s a 40 gauge clear plastic window, bracket apertures, or a removable plate pocket, SpeedLingerie has a design solution that won’t compromise protection or looks.

  • Clear Window – Corvette C4/ZR1, C5/Z06
  • Apertures – Porsche (all models except 993 Twin Turbo S, 01-02 996 Twin Turbo)
  • Removable Plate Pocket – Acura NSX, BMW M3 & M5, Dodge Viper, Porsche 993 TTS, 996TT

Patterns and Designs - Custom designs with an eye for detail and tested for performance at speed.

  • Every SpeedLingerie product design has been specifically patterned for each vehicle model and tested at speeds up to 150 MPH, providing a beautifully tailored fit and eliminating any concerns about flapping, rubbing, or chafing.
  • SpeedLingerie protects turn indicators/running lights/hood emblems with 40 gauge clear plastic shields, providing fully enclosed protection from flapping or debris entrapment.
  • Maximum flow, high performance vinyl mesh covers brake and/or air induction vents, preserving design integrity and grill/vent surfaces without restricting airflow.
  • Durable double needle stitching and elegant French seams offer strength and beauty.

Options available:

  • Aero Kit, Turbo, Front Plate & Bumperette accommodations – Porsche
  • Removable front license plate pocket  - Acura, BMW, Porsche, Viper 
  • Clear front license plate window   - Corvette
  • Side mirror covers with Wind Deflector “Wings” coverage – Corvette C4/ZR1


Emblem Windows - Corvette & Porsche

  • Supple 40-gauge clear convertible top vinyl
  • Protects Corvette and Porsche emblems
  • Meets DOT specifications
  • Guaranteed not to yellow or cloud
  • Provides fully enclosed front end protection, unlike typical "bras", leaving no exposed surfaces
  • Maintains vehicle and SpeedLingerie™ design integrity

Durable Mesh Brake and/or Air Induction Insets

  • Durable, heavy gauge, black Textra™ mesh vinyl
  • Protects brake and/or air induction grills without compromising airflow
  • Provides fully enclosed front end protection, unlike typical "bras", leaving no exposed surfaces
  • Maintains vehicle and SpeedLingerie™ design integrity
  • Important factor in elimination of flapping

Duct Inserts

  • A SpeedLingerie™ nose cover design feature for vehicles with distinct air ducts, such as the Ferrari 512TR or 360M
  • Clever duct inserts maintain vehicle and SpeedLingerie™ design integrity
  • Innovative design highlights unique vehicle features


  • Continuous filament poly thread, used in all SpeedLingerie™ products
  • Double row stitching provides twice the seam strength
  • Elegant French seams lie flat and smooth
  • All fabric layers turned and finished neatly
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