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Unique front end protection for an extraordinary driving machine

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1 The single piece installation results in no loose flapping pieces to abrade car surfaces, or that allow debris to get underneath.
2 No exposed surfaces for rocks, bugs, road & track debris to get behind.
3 The turn indicators/fog lamps, etc. are protected with a 40 gauge clear convertible top plastic.
4 Brake and/or air induction grills are fully functional; airflow is unrestricted by highest quality marine mesh, patterned to exactly match the existing grillwork.
5 The grill is still visible through the mesh, as is for example, the Ferrari Cavallino.
6 For vehicles with air ducts, e.g. Ferrari Testarossa, or 512TR, Speed Lingerie has designed patterns with inset ducts that conform to vehicle ducts.


Exceptional side mirror protection

Excellent side mirror protection
Whether itís direct exposure, front wheel spray or parking lot mishaps, side mirrors can take as many hits as the nose of the car., Inc. offers an excellent solution for side mirror protection.





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In the event that the original Installation Parts for your SpeedLingerie Products are lost, missing, damaged and need to be replaced, you can order them here on-line.

In the event that the original Installation Documents for your SpeedLingerie Products are lost, missing, damaged and need to be replaced, you can down-load a copy from the "Installation Docs" section here on-line.

Note: First owner to bring us a Ferrari F430 vehicle to pattern could receive a FREE Speedlingerie. Call for details.

(New SpeedLingerie Products come complete with Installation Parts. There is no need to order Replacement Installation Parts when placing a new order.)




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